Review Policy

Blog Owner: Áʍɨʀɑɦ Ŧ. Ńɑđνɨ Śɑηtøs (amirahfuratnadvi)
Guest Blogger: Acey (ace.couturier)

First off I want to say that I blog cause I love to shop...way too much, create outfits and take photos; I don't expect to get anything out of it but my own enjoyment and if people like my style...helping them look fly. 

This isn't my first blog, but I didn't want to resurrect my old blog that belongs to my now deleted first avatar, we'll call her Avatar X. So I am starting fresh but with at least 2 years of solid blogging under my belt, so yes I have a new blog but I am not a new blogger and I hope this shows in my dedication, professionalism and the quality of my photos.

Avatar X, blogged, had sponsors and she even delved into professional runway and print modeling. As her, I completed and graduated from the Avenue Modeling Academy and was in several shows, was on vendor Ads and won a few modeling competitions. I've never done it to get "free" stuff. I think some people go into blogging and modeling for the wrong reasons and quickly learn that you have to invest a lot..I mean a LOT of L's. I was spending 10k a week, if not more, just on poses and new clothing and accessories without blinking an eye..and that's not including my land rental and other fun personal shopping.  I am committed to fashion in SL, I love it and I hope that's reflected in my blog.

So you know, if you haven't noticed already, I am a female but I dress very androgynous or masculine. So if you make girly, pink, frilly or other items associated with a very feminine woman, it is highly unlikely I would blog's just not my style.  However, Ace Couturier, has her own blog and is a guest blogger here and she would be able to handle more feminine outfits and such.

If you are content creator that would like to see me blog and/or review items from your store, for events or for sales, send me, amirahfuratnadvi, a IM or notecard and pass me the items you'd like blogged/reviewed. I will do my best to have them blogged within 72 hours, unless it's for an upcoming event and you tell me that when you send it to me, I'll do my best to get it turned around asap. For full product reviews, I will do my best to have them completed within one week, giving me time to use it and evaluate it.