Friday, July 4, 2014 Happy 4th of July!!

Hey y'all, first, Happy 4th of July to everyone that celebrates it. I hope you have a blast, are safe and enjoy the day! Growing up in my family, Memorial Day, Veterans Days and 4th of July were always huge. My Gramps served in WWII and the Korean war and he instilled in all of us patriotism. So we'd all pack a HUGE picnic, toys, blankets, chairs and we'd all go to Memorial Park in Colorado Springs on each of those holidays.  And we would spend like the whole day and night there, playing, eating, listening to live music and watching the fireworks. Those are some of my fondest childhood memories of the whole family together. I wanna say thank you to all that have served, are serving and will serve our country so that we continue to have the freedoms and liberties, that most of us take for granted day to day.

Event Item Key:

The Locale:
  • Our Home Studio - Private
  • Backdrop, Organizer & Texture by KaTink
  • Fireworks built by me
The Poses:
My Bod:
  • Shape - Kali Stud Shape (I customized it to fit me) by Sinful Shapes
  • Skin - Kumi <Hazel> - Pure/Defined by Pink Fuel
  • Eyes - Owls // Pitch Eye by {S0NG} 
  • Ears - Unisex Simple Ears by [MANDALA]
  • Hair Base - Etched Hair Bases - Triple Stack by AITUI
  • Tattoo - Night*Owl Tattoo by Speakeasy
  • Feet - AvEnhance Feet Female Flat by Slink
On my Bod:
  • Shirt- varsity tee (light gray) by ISON MAN 
  • Shorts, Boxers & Bel t- DENIM BLUE BKH503 cargo(MALE) by ::LikeA:: 
  • Flip Flops - (69) sixtynine flip flops :: 01 :: by {kokoia}
Bod Accessories:
  • Snapback - SWaG Snapback by [SWaGGa] 
  • Ring - Skull Ring Red by Cute Poison 
  • Watch - CH Gold/Dia Gold-Face by -RYCA- 
  • Bracelet(s) - Stone Bijou (lapis lazuli) by ASO!, BRACELET CUBAN GOLD by -RYCA-, Unisex Zipper Bracelet Red by [CA] 
  • Earrings - Diamond Stud Earring Gold by -RYCA- 
  • Piercing(s) - Bonny Piercing GOLD by -SU!
  • Cell Phone - Vizion 1.2 Basic Phone & Holster (with custom case & wallpaper) by N-Optix


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