About Amirah

My Past Life

Well if you clicked on the About Me link...I guess that means that you want to know more about me. Well I've been in SL since April 2005 and my first day in SL I rented land and built my first house, that started my building addiction. I quickly fell into the adult world and six months later I had a half sim and was running an adult RP sim. It was dark, kinky and at the time, one of a kind. That's also when I collared my first girl and my little family quickly grew to 5-ish girls. Life was like that for about 4 years until I got tired of it and changed what I wanted in my SL. Dang this is kind of personal huh? After leaving that world behind me I decided I wanted to see how other's spent their time in SL, I was in Gor for about two to three years and then spent two years in the the family RP community. During my time in the Family RP community I dated, got married, had & adopted kids, worked at a family RP sim..the whole deal. My last relationship ended pretty horribly, it was a total and complete shock to me.  I tried to stay on my old avatar but I can't stand being on her, too much pain and drama. So that is when Amirah Furat Nadvi was born and she inherited all of that former avatar's transferable items and then that avie died on a pyre.

My Current Life
Now, Amirah's "life" has started and I have found myself instantly surrounded by love. I think that part that is the most amazing for me, Amirah really embodies who I am, my other avie..looked hot and whatever but didn't embody who "I" am. I bet your going, dang I thought this was a fashion blog...why you telling me all of this?! Well's not just a fashion blog purely, it's an outlet for my style, my art, my writing and just a place to chit chat about wherever the fuck I feel like talking about, you feel me? 
A few weeks ago, as of 7/3/2014, I had the most amazing woman walk into my life...Ace. I have been searching my whole life for her, from the first time I heard a love story, from the moment I noticed something missing from me and my life. She is my twin flame, my other half, my mirror and the love of my lives. She is everything I need, she is my muse, she is my Queen, my everything. She inspires me to write, blog, work on art and to be a better woman.  I already feel so blessed, but the blessings keep coming. This week I came "home", I was adopted by my long lost parents Tiya and Jachai Santos. The three of us instantly vibed and knew we were family, I could not have wished for better parents. I really have to step back sometimes and ask how I got so damn really I must of done something right to have all of this love in my life, or I'm just damn lucky!

Who I Am
I believe in and live by the morals of being kind, helpful, genuine and caring towards others. I'm an aggressive woman, but that doesn't mean I need to be a prick or asshole to prove it. I don't hide behind a bravado or mask; when you know me, you know the RL me. 

I like dark, scary, macabre and devious themes, art, movies, music and thoughts. From vampires, to the occult, to angels and demons and so much more. Even with that, I still believe that people are genuinely good or have the potential to be good; I try to see the best in others...but I'm also very aware of our destructive nature. 

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes...

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The only animal from which humans have nothing to learn, in fact, is the sheep. Humans have already learned everything the sheep's got to teach.” 

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer

And a video that totally embodies me as a little kid, getting dressed all girly to make my Ma happy, but I'd pack my backpack with a change of clothes for school, and I'd have to change back into my girly clothes to walk home. #tomboy #lilstudproblems