Friday, July 4, 2014 When in

Hey y'all, I did a little exploring yesterday and today, I went to Oh My Gacha! to do some shopping for myself and my girl. I surprised her with a box filled with goodies...I have so much fun bring smiles to her face and spoiling my babygirl. I also wandered around Little Italy at SL11B, while I was at SLB11, I snapped some pics of one of my favorite outfits to wear. I saw this hoodie, at the last TMD and I had to have it! I spent way way too much on that gatcha machine...but it was worth being a gamer and all. Italy is one of my dream vacation spots, so I soaked in the scenery, looked at the art and it made me want to travel there even more. I hope ya'll enjoy this and are having a damn good day/night!

Event Item Key:

The Locale:
The Poses:
My Bod:
On my Bod:
  • Pants - Straight Jeans - Black by [JuSt CoOl] 
  • Shoes - Zanotty  Black by Rerty
Bod Accessories:
  • Hat - Army Hats - King by PMS 
  • Necklace - King & Queen Crown Necklace by ..:: Bens Beauty ::..
  • Guns & Gloves - M9 by D1&MTG
  • Earrings - Diamond Stud Earring Gold by -RYCA- 
  • Piercing(s) - Bonny Piercing GOLD by -SU!


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