Tuesday, July 8, 2014 Demonic Anubis

Hey y'all, I was in the mood for something different tonight, so I went demonic Anubis. I love all things to do with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, ancient history and it made sense to me! The DRD Ancient Egypt- Anubis mask & staff that I got at OMG! inspired me to come up with this look. Since the 6th grade when I learned about Ancient Egypt, I have been obsessed. I learned to write my name in hieroglyphics, learned the names of all of the Gods and Goddesses and soaked up as much information about ancient Egypt that I could.  
I can still write my RL name, can you figure it out?

Here's your history lesson for the week. 

Anubis invented embalming to embalm Osiris, the first mummy. He was the guide of the dead. The Egyptians embalmed their dead, especially their pharaohs, to preserve them, since they thought that this helped them live for ever. 

The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, you traveled to the Hall of the Dead. There Anubis weighed your heart against the feather of Ma'at. Ma'at, the goddess of justice sits on top of the scales to make sure that the weighing is carried out properly. You can see Anubis steadying the scales to make the weighing fair. If your heart was lighter than the feather, you lived for ever. We still talk of "a heart as light as a feather" to mean care-free, and "heavy-hearted" to mean sad. If your heart was heavier than the feather then it was eaten by the demon Ammit, the Destroyer. Ammit had the head of a crocodile, the shoulders of a lion and the rump of a hippopotamus. These were all frightening animals for the Egyptians. Thoth, god of wisdom and writing, stands by to record what happens. 

Event Item Key:

The Locale:
  • Our Home - Private
The Props:
  • Pyramid (Big) - Basic 11 prim Pyramid by Arcadian Empire
  • Pyramid (Small) - Pyramid of Cheops by Knoller Productions
  • Anubis Statues (Edited quite a bit) - Stargate Anubis by Tron Flanagan
  • Snake Staffs - Egyptian Gold Cobra Staff w Ruby Eyes by Sky Nation Designs
  • Scales - Pirate Furnature table top weighing scales by AleyMart! (It's free!)
  • Heart - Sculpted Heart v2 by (ARCC) 
  • Feather - Sculpted Feather Pack by FLECHA 
  • Throne - Egyptian Throne by 927inc
  • Throne Pedestal & Fans by me (not for sale - fans might be sold when I open my shop.)
The Poses:
  • Staff Poses by [ImpEle], The Urban Male Breathing AO by Vista
My Bod:
Avatar Information:
The Baphomet Demon Avatar includes: Shape (didn't use), Skin, Eyes (didn't use), helmet (didn't use), Wings, Gauntlets, Alpha to make skin holes, Bones & Muscle, Ribs, Heart and Animated Slave, Pants & Belt (didn't use). It comes with a male shape that makes everything fit perfectly but I wanted to use my shape so I had to mod/resize the bones, muscle and chest piece, but all of the work was totally worth it!
  • Shape - Kali Stud Shape (I customized it to fit me) by Sinful Shapes
  • Glowy Eyes made by me (not for sale)
On my Bod:
Outfit Information:
The Whites Akhilles outfit includes: Beaded Anklets, Beaded Arm Bands. Cock Piece (didn't use), Sandals (didn't use), Loin Cloth, Nipple Rings, Beaded Wrist Bands (didn't use). This is a male outfit so I had to do some resizing and move some prims around to get it to fit exactly right.

Bod Accessories:
  • Anubis Mask - Ancient egypt- anubis mask RARE by -DRD- 
  • Anubis Staff - Ancient egypt- anubis staff by -DRD- 


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